“Rumpy and Frumpy”

'... It is interesting how much of the backlash against Ashton seems to come down to sexism. One Brussels official who has worked with her said to me that he had been amazed that “even socialist women have taken me aside and told me I should make her buy some better clothes and get a makeover.” The new EU president is Herman van Rompuy, and he and Ashton have been informally labelled “Rumpy and Frumpy”. Perhaps Ashton should get a new haircut. (Even a hairbrush might be a start.) And it is true that her teeth seem to confirm those unfortunate foreign stereotypes about British dentistry. But so what? Herman van Rompuy is no oil painting either - and yet he does not have to cope with comments about how he could do with a hair transplant...'

March 29, 2010
In defence of Baroness Cathy Ashton 
Gideon Rachman

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