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[Dear friends, I am beginning a series of chapters on the story of my blog, the Pasadena New Progressive. The story is full of characters, including myself. Feel free to adopt any one of the characters if you wish and join in the story.]

The Pasadena New Progressive, the story of a blog

Chapter One: The Creep

And so the story begins of the Pasadena New Progressive. Its author was fiery liberal named Virginia Hoge, who opened the blog in December of 2007. She tried for the name Pasadena Progressive, but that name was already taken on Blogger, and so it became the Pasadena New Progressive. She boldly used her real name, in defiance of the all too prevalent trend of anonymous blog authorship (and the lack of accountability this facilitated).

She was defiance personified and had gleaned from her 18 years living in Brooklyn, New York, the character trait of "Chutzpah" in spades. This was something they never much cared for in Pasadena. It was immediately viewed as suspect and interpreted as the dreaded "personal attack", a BIG "no-no" in Pasadena, something NOT done. Also, she wasn't paying attention to "The List".

The Ministry of Pasadena had a List of topics that were NOT discussed, and there at the top of the list was the Press, secondly were the sickos. 

But right of the bat, she discovered the Creep (Reny Amy) who ripping off the public school district AND feeding dirt about them to the press from his blog (which they printed, happily).

The blog-sourced dirt wasn't hard to discover, it was all over the front page of the daily paper, the Pasadena Star-News and in weekly columns in the Pasadena Weekly, the alternative weekly. The Creep was openly named, fawned, quoted and flattered by the papers as a "concerned citizen" and "watchdog over OUR (grrrrrrr) taxpayer dollars" which they had been made to believe the school district was stuffing into its pockets, indiscriminately. The money the Creep was stuffing into his own pockets from his innumerable lawsuits against the school district, went unreported.

It didn't matter at all to the papers that the Creep was a well-known right-wing loony, who in his pre-internet days, had actually driven a van around town, festooned with home-made public school-bashing banners.

And yes, he carried a bull-horn, from which he would yell fiery epithets out his car window to all who would listen. The Creep was also a "performance artist" who boned up his public speaking techniques at Toast Masters, and would then perform screaming "performance art" at the public forum of school board meetings, in which he hurled accusations at his captive audience (the school board) for all of his fans back home, who watched avidly (when they stopped filming meetings, he stopped attending).

The Pasadena Weekly, whose editor called the Creep a personal friend, awarded him twice their "Citizen of the Year" award. This same editor (who from now on I will refer to as the Green Jester) also referred to his paper as the "good ol’ P-Dubya, the People’s Paper". 

After approaching every single press source in Southern California with her Creep expose (and being turned down) Virginia Hoge started a blog to publicize her findings. She came out swinging (one of her first posts was entitled "Alternative Weekly? For years the Pasadena Weekly has been anything but"), expecting the applause and support of the poor, beleaguered school district, or maybe a liberal or two, an artist maybe, but....


She was just another threat to them, a threat that might bring them even more criticism by the community. And she had broken the Pasadena Ministry's "don't talk about the Press or the sickos" rule. Inexcusable!

But all the considerable big-time power that was supporting the Creep: the Press, several prominent politicians (including some who were regular bloggers on the Creep's blog), etc. etc. etc., they were afraid that someone might actually listen to this Virginia Hoge and so,

they came after her from the beginning with their Trolls.

That made any supporter she might have gained, scared (or convinced by the trolls she was "crazy"), so there she was, fighting to expose things that were really happening,


(how dangerous)

...more coming soon on the true-life story of the Pasadena New Progressive blog

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